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The great artist with his knowledge, art and talent despite his young age, Muhammad Al-anesi, a distinguished young man, born in Saudi Arabia, Al-Baha region, born on 9/16/1990. He collected his dreams from all sides and turned them into a goal that he worked to achieve year after year, surrounded by some care and determination. He worked tirelessly in his studies and pursued his scientific ambition to obtain a degree in Business Administration from the University of Science and Technology. The singing aspect established his work in importing and exporting timber, in addition to his tendency to settle down and his belief that the family and his role as a father is one of the most important aspects of life.


Every hardworking person has a share in this life, and whoever strives, success is his ally. His musical experience resulted in several lyrical works, including the song “Your Eyes”, which he released seven years ago with a unique melody and calmness that enchants you to take you with every tone to a world of creativity and cheerful words that describe his love for his beloved. It was followed by a song that she told me I love four years ago with its calm melody and wonderful words full of longing and atmosphere. In addition to his latest artwork, The Right Love Song, which he released a month ago, in which he maintained a calm relaxing melody pattern, charming tone and resonant lyrics.

Algharam Alsah

2021 | Mohammed Alanesi – Algharam Alsah

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